Top executives show to print on wristbandshare experiences with future entrepreneurs

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"Future entrepreneurs need to make sure what they want to do and who their target customers are so as to make their marketing efficient," said Yu Guangdong, the managing partner of Alphax Partners, at the Chinese Enterprise Service Session.

The session was organized by Cyzone, a leading entrepreneurship service platform, on Thursday at China National Convention Center in Beijing. At the event, renowned entrepreneur from across the country shared their experiences, encouraging business starters to seize opportunities and chase their dreams.

"If you are running a consumer-oriented business, it would be best for your product to have its standout and shining point to attract customers. If it is business-oriented type, your top agenda is making sure your product does not have major shortcomings. Only if you have gained a long-time trust from companies can your products survive," said Yu.

Jia Yuanyuan, director of Tencent social media web service, delivered a speech on how to realize highly efficient marketing. "Targeted marketing is of great importance. You make your advertisement accordingly to attract your target clients."

"When you have successfully attracted enough customers, you present them with first-class content and service, building long-time and steady relations with them." said Jia.

She also raised her concerns over the current situation of internet entrepreneurship. "We are losing our traditional advantage. For beginners, they may find it difficult in fund-raising and bulk purchase of media resource. Apart from opportunities, new brands are also facing unprecedented challenges."

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